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The Parent CNA Program in Colorado

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Discover how the Parent CNA Program in Colorado supports families, making it easy for parents to become CNAs and care for their loved ones.

The Parent CNA Program is a special opportunity that allows you — parents, legal guardians, or family members — to become Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and get paid for taking care of your special needs children.

The need for CNAs is rising in Colorado, especially for kids with special health needs. But hiring part-time CNAs can cost a lot for families who may struggle to afford it, meaning parents often have to give up work hours. The Parent CNA Program deals with the growing need for CNAs and the challenges faced by families like yours with kids who need extra care.

Here’s the thing, though. While the CNA is a special opportunity, you, as a would-be family caregiver, might have some questions about how to make the most of the program. That’s where we at Abby Care step in. We’ve put together this guide to assist you in understanding everything you need to know about the Parent CNA program in Colorado and how to become a valued family CNA.

Understanding Family CNA Program Colorado

You as parents or legal guardians need to meet specific requirements to be a part of the Family CNA Program in Colorado.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements

  • Child Eligibility: Your child should qualify for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program) or the Medicaid Waivers and be eligible for CNA services.
  • CNA Certification: As a parent or legal guardian, you’ll need to be a certified CNA in Colorado. That means completing a nurse aide training program through an approved agency or vocational school and passing an exam.
  • Home Health Agency Employment: You should be hired by a home health care agency providing CNA services.

There are usually no age or specific education requirements. But, remember, the cost and duration of training may differ between programs. Choose wisely by considering the program’s success rate. To keep your certification, some ongoing training is needed. Also, there might be some legal considerations, like insurance and background checks.

Benefits of Enrolling in a Parent CNA Program

Being part of the Family CNA Program in Colorado brings many benefits to your family. Not only does it help with the shortage of nurses, but it’s also a friendly and smart choice for families who need care. Here are 5 specific advantages of joining the program:

  • Paid Caregiving: In the Family CNA Program you can become a certified caregiver for your special needs loved ones and get paid. It’s a smart and affordable way to give top-quality care. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you or the state anything if you do it with Abby Care.
  • Flexibility and Choices: With the CNA program, you can care for your loved ones at home, ensuring they have quality care 24/7. This means your loved ones have steady help at home, filling in the gaps for continuous care.
  • Support for Single Parents: This program is a big help if you’re a single parent with special needs children because it lets you stay home, take care of your kids, and get paid for it.
  • Hands-On Care: Being part of the Family CNA Program means you get real experience. You get to help your loved ones in a real-world setting, making sure they are taken care of safely and properly.
  • Professional Development: You give care and learn to be a Certified Nursing Assistant — a lifelong skill. You get ongoing support for continuous learning, ensuring continuous growth and making your caregiving journey rewarding.

Key Features of Family CNA Programs in Colorado

  • Flexibility in Scheduling: The program makes it easy for you to handle caregiving and other duties for your child. With a flexible schedule, you can manage your busy life while caring for your loved ones.
  • Supportive Resources for Families: Families of CNA trainees get ongoing help, advice, and support. The program is always there for your family, making sure you feel supported every step of the way.
  • Specialized Training Modules: The programs offer special training that focuses on family-centered care. This helps you learn the skills to provide excellent care that suits the unique needs of your loved ones.
  • Integration of Practical Experience with Family Engagement: By mixing class learning with real-life experience, the programs let you use what you’ve learned in actual caregiving situations. This hands-on approach ensures that you feel sure and capable in your role.
  • Finding a Community of Like-Minded Parents: Family CNA Programs connect you with others who share similar experiences and challenges. This creates a group where people can talk, share worries, and cheer each other on. Because going through this journey alone is tough, the program stresses the importance of having supportive friends to help you along the way.

Exploring Family CNA Programs in Colorado

As you explore Family CNA Programs in Colorado, you’ll find different options to suit your needs. Some programs are in-person, while others, like Abby Care, stand out as an online hybrid program, allowing you to learn online with some practical in-person aspects.

When choosing, it’s important to pick an accredited CNA program. This means it meets the right standards and is recognized in the field.

Getting ready for the certification exam is a big part of any CNA program. Good programs, including Abby Care, teach you skills and prepare you well for the exam. Choosing a program that helps you get ready for the exam sets you up for a successful start to your caregiving career.

Facing Challenges in CNA Programs: Tips to Overcome

It is common to face tricky situations when you join a CNA program. For example, your schedule might be tight, and finding the right balance between work and study is tough. Taking care of your loved ones adds to this challenge, making it hard to handle personal and family duties while giving the best care to those you love. 

But here are a few smart moves and helpful tools to help you tackle these challenges:

Time Management Tips

  • Do the Important Things First. Focus on things that really need attention.
  • Make a Daily Plan. Create a schedule for caregiving, work, and personal work.
  • Work Smart. Use time-saving tricks like doing similar tasks together and getting help when you can.

Emotional Support Networks

  • Lean on Others. Talk to friends, family, and people who understand what you’re going through.
  • Connect with Families Like Yours. Join online groups or meet local families in CNA programs for shared experiences and advice.
  • Get Professional Help if Needed. Sometimes, talking to a counselor or therapist can help handle the emotional side of caregiving stress.

And if you’re part of Abby Care’s program, things get even better. Our online program fits your schedule, and we connect you with others going through similar challenges, making the caregiving journey a bit easier, knowing you’re not alone.

Abby Care: Nurturing Family CNA Journeys

Abby Care is a special Family CNA program. Unlike many others, we run our own CNA training school, making sure you get a complete and personalized learning experience. But Abby Care is more than just a program; we’re here to support you by building a strong community. We know how important it is to connect, so we provide a space for you and others like you to share experiences and help each other.


To sum it up, family-focused CNA programs are really important. Abby Care is here to help you on your caregiving journey. If you’re ready to know more about our program, reach out to us today. Let’s join hands in making caregiving a journey we share and support together.


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