Abby Care is COMING TO PenNsylvania! 

Abby Care was
started with two simple goals:

To make paid family care possible with a best-in-class home health program.

To bring back compassion and empathy within healthcare.

Our Mission

Family care that pays. At Abby Care, we are building a future where every underserved special needs child has access to care in their own home, and where family caregivers are recognized and compensated for their work - because care work is real work.

When family caregivers become certified and begin to get paid for their work, they can take that first step towards the most important, meaningful work of their lives: helping their special needs child live their best life possible.

Our Care Principles

Nothing is more important to us than the health of your child. At Abby Care, we strive to deliver high-quality, life-changing care through our innovative approach.

Principle 1:
Care tailored to your family

We take a collaborative approach to care. When you work with our nurses, we view you as a care partner in helping shape your child’s care plan. We listen to the needs of your child and the goals you’re working towards. 

Support the caregivers

Our team views compassion and empathy as our core skill set. We treat every family with the same respect and love as we treat our own family. We want to empower every caregiver with the resources  and support to best care for their little one.

Principle 3:
Evidence-based care

We aim to follow the gold-standard of home health to ensure your little one receives the best care. Abby Care is a Medicaid, Medicare, and CHAP accredited home health provider and backed by leading medical experts.