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How Much Do CNAs Make in Colorado

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In Colorado, the average annual salary for CNAs is around $35,000 to $42,000, or between $17.5 to $21 per hour.

Average CNA Salary in Colorado

In Colorado, the average annual salary for CNAs is around $35,000 to $42,000 or between $17.5 to $21 per hour. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual mean wage for this role is $39,050 as of May 2020. This figure can vary based on your experience, where you live, and the specific healthcare facility where you work.

Regional Variations in Salaries

In bustling metropolitan areas like Denver, where the cost of living is higher, you can expect an average salary ranging from $38,000 to $42,000. On the flip side, rural areas offer slightly lower average salaries, typically in the range of $34,000 to $38,000.

In places like Highlands Ranch, CNAs are more likely to earn a bit higher than other regions. Here, you’ll find salaries soaring about 14.1% above the state average of $42,000.

Comparison to National Averages

When compared to the national averages, CNA salaries in Colorado are competitive. According to the BLS, the national mean hourly wage for nursing assistants, which includes CNAs, was $17.41, and the mean annual wage was $36,220 as of May 2022.  

These figures show that CNAs in Colorado generally earn higher incomes. This difference could be attributed to the state’s large healthcare sector and the increasing demand for healthcare professionals.

Factors Influencing CNA Salaries

How much do CNAs make in Colorado? Various factors influence your CNA salary. Here’s a quick breakdown of these factors:

Experience and Education

Your experience and education affect how much you can make as a CNA in Colorado. If you’ve been a CNA for several years, you will likely see a wage bump. For instance, if you have less than 1 year of experience, your average earnings might be around $42,598. In contrast, those with over 10 years of experience can potentially earn about $51,197.

Additionally, investing in your education, such as obtaining advanced certifications or specialized training beyond the basic CNA certification, can boost your salary even more.

Geographic Location Within Colorado

The region you work in within Colorado can substantially impact your earnings. Whether you live in a bustling city or a quieter rural area, the cost of living, the demand for CNAs, and local economic conditions can influence your salary. Generally, metropolitan areas offer higher salaries, while rural areas may have slightly lower averages.

Healthcare Setting

The healthcare setting you work in can influence your salary. Whether you’re in a hospital, nursing home, home health, or another healthcare facility, each setting has its salary structure. For instance, CNAs working in critical roles, like hospital intensive care units, may see higher wages.

The Agency You Work For

The agency or employer you choose can influence your salary. Different agencies may offer varied compensation packages, so it’s essential to consider this aspect when exploring CNA opportunities. It’s worth noting that Abby Care offers some of the most competitive rates in the field, ensuring you’re compensated fairly for your hard work and dedication.

Shift Differentials and Overtime Pay

If you’re a CNA working the night shifts, weekends, or holidays, you may get extra pay through shift differentials or overtime, boosting your overall earnings.

CNA Certification and Training

Getting certified as a CNA can boost your salary. Employers value certified CNAs for their expertise and commitment, often leading to higher pay. Additionally, staying updated through ongoing education enhances your skills and can contribute to salary growth. 

Actively seeking learning opportunities showcases your commitment to quality care and can open doors to higher-paying roles.

Benefits and Perks

As a CNA, you’ll typically find a range of benefits in your compensation package. This might include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and other standard employee benefits.

Other additional perks that can improve your overall compensation include:

  • Job Stability and Security: As a CNA, you’re more likely to experience stability and job security due to the growing demand for healthcare workers.
  • Specialization Opportunities: The chance to specialize in specific healthcare areas, such as pediatrics or gerontology, can enhance your overall compensation.
  • Emotionally Rewarding Work: You find fulfillment in impacting the lives of patients and their families, contributing to emotional rewards beyond monetary compensation.
  • Skills for Your Career Advancement: The opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge can pave the way for your career advancement, including potential pathways to becoming a registered nurse.

How Much Do CNAs Get Paid for Family Caregiving?

Family caregiving involves caring for your special-needs loved ones without traditional monetary compensation. The good news is that Abby Care offers an opportunity to receive compensation for your family caregiving through Medicaid. We provide some of the most competitive rates in the industry, starting at $20 per hour. Additionally, you may qualify for other valuable benefits, including:

  • Health Insurance: If your family meets the eligibility criteria of 30 or more hours per week, you can enroll in health insurance under the Abby Care umbrella.
  • Retirement Options: You can opt into a Roth IRA retirement account or plan.
  • Paid Time Off (PTO): Enjoy 5 days of paid time off each year.
  • Quarterly Bonuses: Benefit from additional bonuses every quarter.

In addition to competitive rates and standard benefits, Abby Care goes further to support family caregivers in Colorado by assisting in:

  • Navigating government support programs, including Medicaid Programs and Waivers
  • Providing respite care options for caregivers.
  • Guiding you through available financial assistance programs tailored to support and enhance your caregiving journey.

Overview of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)

As Colorado’s healthcare landscape evolves, the need for CNAs is increasing. The growing aging population, increasing number of families with special needs children, and advancements in healthcare services contribute to the sustained demand for CNAs, making it an opportune time to embark on a CNA career journey.

Roles and Responsibilities

As a CNA in Colorado, your job is important for patients’ well-being. Your responsibilities cover a wide range of tasks, such as:

  • Providing Basic Care: You offer essential care for patients in various settings, including in their homes, nursing homes, hospitals, or long-term care facilities.
  • Monitoring Vital Signs: You observe and record patients’ vital signs so you can promptly report any changes or concerns to the nursing team.
  • Assist with Daily Living Activities: Your contribution extends to aiding in bathing, dressing, and feeding.
  • Direct Patient Support: You collaborate closely with patients and nurses, assisting with tasks to ensure optimal patient care.
  • Emotional Support: Your compassionate approach provides emotional support and companionship to those with special needs to create a positive and comforting healthcare environment.


As a CNA in Colorado, understanding the factors influencing your salary, exploring additional perks, and considering family caregiving compensation are crucial aspects of your career. Whether you’re a prospective or current CNA, staying informed about industry trends ensures you’re well-prepared for the evolving landscape of healthcare and fosters continuous growth in your profession.

At Abby Care, we recognize the dedication of family caregivers and aim to provide financial support and valuable perks to enhance your caregiving experience. We empower caregivers by making paid family care possible through Medicaid, understanding that care work is indeed real work deserving fair compensation and support.


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